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Some of you may not know this and why would you? You do not run an adult entertainment company and therefore would not know how companies like Cheap Phone Sex are constantly scrutinized and discriminated against. Yes, I said discriminate.

You see when you run an adult business many back office vendors and suppliers may take advantage of you. Oh, not in a casting couch sort of way, though that does happen. These providers charge adult related companies more to do business in terms of credit card processing and other services that most other business types take for granted. Banks justify their actions by stating phone sex is a ‘high risk’ enterprise although the research proves otherwise.… Continue reading Hushes

Porn Is Not Real

Vanity Fair’s Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse” was for me deeply disturbing. The focus was Millennials within the New York City area. I was amazed that so many of these young women admitted to making contact with a guy on Tinder and fucking him porn-style within moments of meeting. Nancy Jo Sales wrote:

“Like porn sex,” says Jessica, “those women—that’s not, like, enjoyable, like having their hair pulled or being choked or slammed. I mean, whatever you’re into, but men just think”—bro voice—“ ‘I’m gonna fuck her,’ and sometimes that’s not great.” “Yeah,” Danielle agrees. “Like last night I was having sex with this guy, and I’m a very submissive person—like, not aggressive at all—and this boy that came over last night, he was hurting me.”

Not the first time I have heard this.… Continue reading Hushes

4 Valid Excuses Your Name Is in the Ashley Madison Data Dump

A Canadian dating site played a game of chicken with hackers and now there is roadkill all over the internet highway. Last month the hacker group, The Impact Team, announced that they had hacked the site, Ashley Madison. If you recall Ashley Madison is a hook-up site with a twist – the “members” are married. The Impact Team stated they would share ALL the personal information if the site did not shut down immediately. Two days ago TIT made good on their promise. The fallout has been delicious.

My girlfriends who are all tech savvy have had many hen parties with a singular goal – to find out if their husbands/lovers are on the list.… Continue reading Hushes

Ask for a 1-Minute Warning Before the Phone Sex Call Ends

Last month I gave you a quick run down as to how to have phone sex with a professional phone sex operator. After going over the difference between a hold versus charge, I provided a tip most guys are a little embarrassed to request – the phone sex special. Well, here is one final tip (at least for now) that should make your phone sex call enjoyable and that is to request a 1-minute warning.

Once I learned how to tell time as a student I would sit at my desk waiting for the big hand to move to my freedom – lunch, recess or the final bell signaling it was time to go home.… Continue reading Hushes

Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy

Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy is a spin on the game Fuck – Marry – Kill. For those unfamiliar allow me to explain, in Fuck – Marry – Kill, you name 3 people that everyone knows and ask each player, “Who would you fuck, who would you marry and who would you kill?” Match each name to the act. No repeats. Get it? Let’s try one:


That’s President Obama, President Ulysses S. Grant and President Andrew Jackson. For me this is an easy one. I would totally fuck Grant as he was a little wild. I would marry the POTUS because he has demonstrated through his long marriage to the First Lady that he is the “marrying kind” and I would kill Andrew Jackson (as if).… Continue reading Hushes

A Word about Female Domination Phone Sex Calls

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just snap? Yesterday a guy called me and asked to do a domination call. I went over several questions such as whether he had any ‘real life’ experience. Most guys may love the idea but never have had an opportunity to play because his significant other was not into it or some other roadblock outside of his control. The guy told me that he had plenty of experience because on occasion his wife indulged him. I perked up and said that was very cool because it’s quite rare that one could enjoy some martial kink in the bedroom.… Continue reading Hushes

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Plus One Recipe for 3 Different Dishes

Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl isn’t just a name for my phone sex blog. It is a mantra or sorts. As anyone who has followed this blog or talked with me for a few minutes knows I am frugal. Take for example last month. I was standing in the supermarket aisle comparing the prices of mayonnaise. You see I was jonesing for the perfect ham and cheese sandwich and needed mayo to complete it. I know what you’re thinking: “Cheryl you make your own ketchup and mustard. Why not mayo?” Well, you see, homemade mayonnaise has a short shelf-life and as I live alone cannot see the wisdom in making a batch that will more than likely need to be tossed in a few days especially when you take into account the fact store-bought mayonnaise lasts forever.… Continue reading Hushes

Phone Sex Tip #315: Ask for the Special or a Set Price

Now that you understand the difference between a credit card ‘hold’ and ‘charge’, you can fully appreciate today’s tip – ask for the special or a set price.

The pricing model for most phone sex services is for you, the client, to pay by the minute. There is usually a minimum of 10-minutes sometimes 5-minutes. At Cheap Phone Sex, I offer phone sex sessions at a rate of 80¢ per minute. The minimum is 15-minutes. That doesn’t mean that you must stay on the phone for the full 15-minutes (although you will want to do that). It means that whether you stay on the phone for 1 min or 3 or 10 or the full 15 minutes, the price of the phone sex call is $12.… Continue reading Hushes

What Is the Difference Between a Credit Card ‘Hold’ and a ‘Charge’?

If you have an alert set-up for your credit card or are like me and check your accounts daily, then you are intimately aware of every ‘hold’ on your credit card statement. I started micromanaging my accounts after someone obtained my card information and went on a shopping spree in London. London! I haven’t been to London since I was in diapers and I sure as hell didn’t go on a shopping spree over Memorial Day weekend. That would be un-American 😉

Over the years I have learned that I am not the only one who is curious about the activity of my credit and bank accounts before the statements are finalized.… Continue reading Hushes

Mini-Review of How to Prepare for a Commercial Phone Sex Session

I have three more tips to the series How to Have Phone Sex with a Professional Phone Sex Operator. Before going over those tips let’s do a mini-review:

There are a few things one should expect when calling a phone sex line. Namely, while this is an entertainment service the business portion always comes first. So, please check your demeanor and allow time to process your payment. When making a purchase online and particularly adult services always be smart about it. Ask important questions such as how will the charge appear on my credit card statement and when the session is over ask how much will be charged to my credit card so there are no surprises.… Continue reading Hushes

The Phone Sex Operator Is ALWAYS in Control

Yesterday for the very first time (as promised) I referred a potential new caller to for questions. When I said do not call to ask questions, I was not joking. If you have a question, ask it here. More often than not I have already answered it. Therefore a quick search of my phone sex blog should reveal answers to your questions. Now let’s get to today’s topic …

The phone sex operator is always in control of the call. Think of her as a guide. After a quick ‘get to know you phase’ she knows your likes, kinks and deal-breakers.… Continue reading Hushes

Know Your Limits

When I say “know your limits”, that is not a challenge. You are not going to cum twice. Nope. Do not say it. Sure you are going to cum, get excited again and feel the need to call me back for another phone sex call. That happens all the time! And while I am on the subject ‘in real life’ NEVER say, “Baby, I am going to make love to you all night.” Yeah, that never happens. Think about it. If there was a contest to see which can last longer a cock or a pussy, the pussy will always, always win.… Continue reading Hushes

A Vibrator for Cats? aka We Do NOT Masturbate My Cat

So, I am reading BaDoink Magazine and there is an article about a new vibrator that will be available later in the year. As you all know I am not a big fan of sex toys (so many dicks and all that) how then could a sex toy article possibly catch my eye? It’s for cats! Oh man! I devoured the article, clicked on all the links and went through the company’s website and then remembered that it was April 1st, April Fool’s Day. No matter this is the perfect time to tell you my cat masturbation story … bestiality guys over there.… Continue reading Hushes