Ask for a 1-Minute Warning Before the Phone Sex Call Ends

Last month I gave you a quick run down as to how to have phone sex with a professional phone sex operator. After going over the difference between a hold versus charge, I provided a tip most guys are a little embarrassed to request – the phone sex special. Well, here is one final tip (at least for now) that should make your phone sex call enjoyable and that is to request a 1-minute warning.

Once I learned how to tell time as a student I would sit at my desk waiting for the big hand to move to my freedom – lunch, recess or the final bell signaling it was time to go home. As an adult I was still a slave to the big hand. Only there weren’t any bells but lunch was still a thing and of course the sweet relief known as the end of the workday. We all know that time seems to move at a snail’s pace when you’re bored or distracted. Though when you are having fun, time flies especially on a phone sex call. Which is why you should always request a 1-min warning.

maxresdefaultWhen your time is up the system usually cuts you off and depending on the set-up should you choose to reconnect you have a couple of ways to do that. Either you call back or if the system is automated you are held in a queue with an option to add more time. At Cheap Phone Sex, I give you a 1-minute warning and when your time is up the system disconnects the call.

Summarize: A 1-minute warning allows the client to finish up his call without an abrupt end to an otherwise stimulating conversation.
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Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy

Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy is a spin on the game Fuck – Marry – Kill. For those unfamiliar allow me to explain, in Fuck – Marry – Kill, you name 3 people that everyone knows and ask each player, “Who would you fuck, who would you marry and who would you kill?” Match each name to the act. No repeats. Get it? Let’s try one:


That’s President Obama, President Ulysses S. Grant and President Andrew Jackson. For me this is an easy one. I would totally fuck Grant as he was a little wild. I would marry the POTUS because he has demonstrated through his long marriage to the First Lady that he is the “marrying kind” and I would kill Andrew Jackson (as if). Jackson lived through a number of wars with Native Americans and survived two assassination attempts. The only thing that could kill him was old age. Yeah, I pussied out of that one and you will see why in a moment.

Personally I never liked the “kill” part of Fuck – Marry – Kill. I do not like the idea of thinking about let alone discussing (even in jest) killing another person. That’s why I believe the game is heavily focused on male participants. Not that women don’t kill. If you think about it the point of the game is to be a little raunchy and open up about the thing we don’t normally talk about – sex. As women are concerned the one thing we consider far more than men is children. Whether to have them or not, when and the question on the minds of every woman is who will be the father of our children. Which is why Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy is a little more twisted.

A decade ago the idea of having children with someone other than your partner was still taboo. In 2015 with in vitro fertilization, donor eggs and sperm donors, adoptions, surrogates, blended families …whew! Just about anything is possible. So, why not? Before we begin let’s pin down the definition of a baby daddy. It varies. I consider a “baby daddy” a man who at one point was involved with the hottie “baby momma” but she has moved on and he has NO CHANCE of ever rekindling that relationship again. Like how a colored that definition in a woman-positive way? Hey, it’s my blog and I can do that ;-) Ok, let’s play Fuck – Marry – Baby Daddy. Here’s a practice one …


We have President Obama, Donald Trump and Spock. Originally I had the actual Dr. Benjamin Spock, world renowned pediatrician, but every Trekkie fan and human with a penis assumed Spock was well Spock. So, what the hell.

This is easy. I would marry POTUS as indicated above, fuck Donald Trump because rich guys give their lovers great gifts plus I could write a book about our affair which he would pay me not to publish (win, win, win) and I would have Spock as my baby daddy because I would never have to worry about my kid when s/he visited his/her father. Get it? Here’s one more to try [insert evil laugh].


Keep in mind when you play this game more than likely you will be playing with friends who know you. So, answer the question! Of the three who would you fuck, who would you marry and who would be your baby daddy/momma: your current lover (or crush), your former lover (or ex-wife) and your first love (or ‘the one that got away’). The answers are sometimes very surprising. This is about the time when most guys ask if we could switch back Fuck – Marry – Kill. Oops!
Hey, I love playing games. Mindfucking fucking is my specialty. Just call 1-888-669-6389 for a 15-minute phone session with me, Cheryl. The price is always $12 for 15-mins. Must be 23+ to participate. Regular clients my purchase a Cheap Phone Sex Package.

A Word about Female Domination Phone Sex Calls

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just snap? Yesterday a guy called me and asked to do a domination call. I went over several questions such as whether he had any ‘real life’ experience. Most guys may love the idea but never have had an opportunity to play because his significant other was not into it or some other roadblock outside of his control. The guy told me that he had plenty of experience because on occasion his wife indulged him. I perked up and said that was very cool because it’s quite rare that one could enjoy some martial kink in the bedroom. Then he told that his wife didn’t enjoy it, but she did it to please him. Shut the front door!

I know what most of you got from that exchange was poor John (the names have been changed to protect the perverted) has to jump over hoops to get his wife to do domme things to him. No! Flip the script. It’s poor wifey! Look if you fap to the idea of a beautiful, aggressive woman seducing you, taking control and doing obscene things to your private parts, you are in good company. Lots of guys have domination dreams and most hope their wives or lovers will join in that particular role-play fantasy. However, if she isn’t into, let it go and find another avenue like phone sex. I say find another means because in the circumstance I referenced above what my caller and his wife were doing was anything but domination. You can’t force a woman to be a dominatrix. Sure you can dress her up, give her a few sex toys and tell her what to do with those sex toys, but that isn’t domination. Not by a very long shot.

Domination is between consenting adults who have a genuine shared interest and want to explore the lifestyle. If your lover is not interested, don’t push it. Find a kinky phone sex femdom and explore your perversion through that avenue. Male subs in need of training start here.
When I started this phone sex blog, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, I promised to always publish the price on every damn post. So, here goes: the price of a call with me, Cheryl, is $12 for 15-minutes. To call my toll-free number, 1-888-669-6389, you must be at least 23 years old. Regular clients may purchase any of my phone sex packages. For goodness sakes, do not call me to ask questions! Ask them here.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Plus One Recipe for 3 Different Dishes

Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl isn’t just a name for my phone sex blog. It is a mantra or sorts. As anyone who has followed this blog or talked with me for a few minutes knows I am frugal. Take for example last month. I was standing in the supermarket aisle comparing the prices of mayonnaise. You see I was jonesing for the perfect ham and cheese sandwich and needed mayo to complete it. I know what you’re thinking: “Cheryl you make your own ketchup and mustard. Why not mayo?” Well, you see, homemade mayonnaise has a short shelf-life and as I live alone cannot see the wisdom in making a batch that will more than likely need to be tossed in a few days especially when you take into account the fact store-bought mayonnaise lasts forever. Did you know that in most cases you don’t need to refrigerate mayo?

One weekend I left a bottle of mayonnaise out on the counter. When I got back Sunday night I called my parents to ask them what they thought – can I eat it? They said if it doesn’t smell funny try it and if something does happen I can die knowing they will be well taken care of. Really? Life insurance jokes! The next morning I called the manufacturer and the customer service representative was shocked to read in the little manual that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REFRIGERATE a bottle of mayo after it has been open. What?! I asked a couple of friends who own restaurants and they told me they leave the mayonnaise out and never put it in the fridge. As it turns out the preservatives used to manufacture commercial mayonnaise not only extends the shelf-life but makes refrigeration optional. So I made a sandwich ;-)

You have probably heard of people of getting food poisoning on picnics and camping trips and most of the time it was due to the mayonnaise in the food. Wrong! I will let the folks at Web MD explain that one.

Back to the supermarket …so I am in the mayonnaise aisle looking for something on sale and the only thing on sale is this weird reduced fat canola oil thingy …and I am actually considering buying it! That’s when I said, “Fuck it.” I am buying this gigantic jar of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. I have never seen it on sale, but damn it, I want the perfect ham and cheese sandwich and I am going to break my frugal habit and buy this glorious jar of Hellman’s. And it was glorious.

I made my perfect sandwich which was so good I spent the week creating dishes so that I could use the rest of the mayonnaise. I made tuna salad, egg salad, deviled eggs, coated my chicken breasts with mayo and Parmesan cheese, created several dips and sauces including a kick-ass tartar sauce, and baked an incredibly moist chocolate cake. Then I got to thinking …I haven’t made potato salad in ages. I called my dad and asked him for the recipe then we discussed whether to peel before or after boiling. I decided to not peel at all. Fuck it.

Potato Salad with Egg Recipe
Potato SaladIngredients: 6 potatoes, 4 eggs, 1 onion and a little sweet relish, mustard, sugar, salt, pepper and turmeric. Optional: chopped parsley.

If you are making the salad for just yourself use 2 potatoes and 2 eggs. Believe me, you will want leftovers.

Step 1: Run some cool water over the potatoes to remove any excess soil or dirt.
Step 2: Place the potatoes in a large pot and fill with cold water until the water is about an inch above the potatoes.
Step 3: Salt the water. I salt right over the potatoes because I want them salty and not so much the water.
Step 4: Place the eggs in the same pot. Seriously, who wants to clean two pots?
Step 5: Place the lid on the pot and cook on medium for at least 45 mins.

After 45 minutes test the potatoes with a fork. When you can pierce one of the potatoes with a fork, then

Step 6: Cube the potatoes and place in a bowl.
Step 7: Sprinkle a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar over the potatoes. White vinegar is ok. Though ACV really brings out the flavor.
Step 8: Stir the potatoes a little.

Now would be a good time to empty the water in the pot and run cold water over the eggs.

Step 9: Chop up one onion and add to the bowl of potatoes.
Step 10: Add to the bowl salt, pepper, turmeric, a dash of mustard and sweet relish.
Step 11: Peel and chop the eggs then add to the bowl. Stir.
Step 12: Add just enough mayonnaise to “wet” the salad.
Step 13: Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour to allow the flavors to mix.

Homemade potato salad is much like spaghetti or lasagna in that it tastes better the next day. Though I can barely wait an hour and it’s usually gone before the next day. This potato salad is going to look very yellow and most people think the salad is in the German style. A traditional German potato salad uses a mustard based dressing instead of mayo. While I do add a little mustard the coloring is due to the turmeric. Turmeric pops the colors in yellows and oranges.

A friend pointed out another great thing about this recipe: you can use the same steps to make tuna and egg salad. However, I don’t put mustard in my tuna salad. To make a tuna salad, substitute the potatoes for cans of tuna. I use one hard-boiled egg for each can of tuna. To make an egg salad, skip the potatoes entirely. I bet there are other mayo based salads you can make. Just have fun figuring your own flavor profile and eat up!

In case I didn’t connect the dots – the food tastes but only with the right mayo – Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

One last thing I like to add a teaspoon of Gold’s Horseradish and Beets. Beets are suppose to improve blood flow. The first time I added Gold’s Horseradish and Beets to my tuna salad. The veins in my hands were highly noticeable (bulging with a pronounced blue coloring) and the hands themselves were slightly cool to the touch which is unusual as I am a hot body in my ways than one ;-) A couple of hours later my hands were hot to the touch. Not sure what happened exactly but what a ride!
It’s time to talk about my favorite subject – me! Yeah, I know what you are thinking, “Cheryl, haven’t we been talking about you the whole time? Matter of fact isn’t this damn phone sex blog about you and only you?” Yes and no. To chat with me, call 1-888-669-6389. Now I will give you one guess as to why this blog is called, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl. No, it’s not because I wait for mayonnaise to go on sale. It is due to my prices! The cost of a phone sex session is $12 for 15-minutes. Regular clients may purchase a package. To chat with my girls click here and guys looking for a new mistress must first take a test. Oh yeah, and never call any of my numbers to ask questions. Ask your phone sex questions here.

Phone Sex Tip #315: Ask for the Special or a Set Price

Now that you understand the difference between a credit card ‘hold’ and ‘charge’, you can fully appreciate today’s tip – ask for the special or a set price.

The pricing model for most phone sex services is for you, the client, to pay by the minute. There is usually a minimum of 10-minutes sometimes 5-minutes. At Cheap Phone Sex, I offer phone sex sessions at a rate of 80¢ per minute. The minimum is 15-minutes. That doesn’t mean that you must stay on the phone for the full 15-minutes (although you will want to do that). It means that whether you stay on the phone for 1 min or 3 or 10 or the full 15 minutes, the price of the phone sex call is $12.

Most guys never know how long a phone sex session will take. It varies. However, some phone sex clients tend to have a general idea of how long they would like to talk or more importantly how much they want to spend. I make it easier by asking if you want to do the minimum $12, “play it by ear” or have a set amount of time/dollars you want to spend. I find that if my client knows ahead of time how much is being charged to his card that sets his mind at ease and makes the call more pleasurable.

When I ask very matter-of-factly if you want to do the minimum, some of you are so cute. A few of you sound a little embarrassed. Don’t be! It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you want to chat for 15-minutes. I am profoundly humbled by the fact that you choose to use my phone sex service in the first place. Plus whether you purchase the minimum or a half hour or a package of calls, everyone gets the same treatment – my general bitchiness. Not kidding. I am sarcastic to a fault. While I do all types of calls (except submission) my specialty is of course domination calls because it fits my personality – bitchy.

So, whether it’s me and my girls or another phone sex service, if you get a live dispatcher (not always possible with automated systems), do not be afraid to ask for the minimum and have her run your card for only ‘the minimum’ or whatever price point you want. Nice tip, huh?
Couple of housekeeping items: First, to reach me, Cheryl, call 1-888-669-6389. You must be 23+ and I only accept credit/debit/gift cards. The phone sex session is $12 for 15-minutes. If you are a regular caller, you may purchase a package of phone sex calls at a discount. Never call to ask questions. If you have a question, ask here. Follow this link to chat with my girls. Unless you are a sub. Subs need to be trained FIRST.