Minimize Interruptions During Phone Sex Session

I am still on the always be prepared kick when calling Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl. Earlier I provided marriage saving advice to buying “porn” which is to use a separate reloadable prepaid card. Believe me it saves a lot of headaches down the road. Well, today, I would like to cover item 2 of phone sex preparedness which is to minimize interruptions.

There are a few requirements to becoming a phone sex operator. A big one is silence. The idea here is to minimize interruptions on the phone sex operators end. She needs to answer the phone with little to no outside noise. Meaning no screaming kids or barking dogs or a television blaring in the background.

I have heard war stories of phone sex ladies behaving badly (and not the good kind). While on the phone these operators are otherwise distracted from doing household chores to sexting with another guy to having sex with their boyfriend. Scratch that last one which is kind of hot and can be a plus on a call depending on the topic. The point is that sort of thing does not happen at Hushes. Though some of you guys may get a little distracted juggling a few other things when calling. It’s fine as long as you understand that my (our) attention is focused on you throughout the phone sex session.

My suggestion to potential new callers is to call when you are alone, turn down the television or radio and make sure your cell is juiced. If you can keep these things in check, then with a seasoned phone sex babe you are almost always guaranteed to have a wonderful experience.

Process Phone Sex PaymentsOh and before I forget, if you are a new caller make time for your payment information to be processed. A regular caller has only to tell us who he is and in 5 seconds or less it’s party time. It takes at least 90 seconds to process a new caller and that is assuming of course the caller is following Rule #1 which is to have your credit card in hand.

If you have any questions about what is on this site or would like me to address something that has not been covered, please ask via the feedback form. Talk to you soon!
Only 12 BUCKS for 15-minutes is my motto. To chat live with me, Cheryl, simply call my toll-free number, 1-888-669-6389.

Using Credit Cards When Making an Adult Entertainment Purchase

Last week I went over the value of always being prepared whenever calling my phone sex service or any service for that matter. Namely, one should

1. Have your credit card in your hand.
2. Make time for the call (which includes processing the payment)
3. Explain your current predicament e.g., various stimulants

In this post we’ll go over the first item, credit cards. I use the phrase ‘credit cards’ as a catchall for debit cards, gift cards and regular credit cards. Basically if the card you are using has a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express logo, then that is what I am referencing.

Here at Hushes your payment information is completely safe. The credit cards are handled by licensed and bonded individuals who have been vetted by the state agencies that bonded them. The guidelines set-up by the credit card industry are followed to the letter specifically your information is never stored and never shared with anyone. As the owner of Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, that is a guarantee I stand by. Not everyone can do that.

Not everyone can promise to accurately bill and honestly handle your payment details. One of the reasons that is true is that attention to client privacy and security is largely dependent on the business acumen of a company’s owners and management team. Most Mom and Pop type shops are winging it. Still others use third-party billers to process your calls and are removed from the responsibility of handling your payment details to the standard it deserves. So, what can you do to safeguard yourself from businesses that may be a little too lax to your liking when it comes to handling your credit card information? Here is a tip on how to protect yourself. This tip will help you when purchasing from any type of company whether brick and mortar or online, mainstream or adult and a new business or a company that you have used for years.

Hushes Accepts All Major Credit CardsMy suggestion to family, friends and everyone who will listen is to use a separate reloadable prepaid card when making purchases online especially from companies that are new to you or businesses that have had a recent breach in security e.g., Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase. Using a card that is separate from your regular credit card and is not tied to your checking or money market accounts (as a check card or debit card would be) will give you peace of mind.

I have heard a number of horror stories from customers who have been ripped off by mainly ‘fly by night’ services. Most of the damage could have been minimized if the customer used a reloadable prepaid card. When a new client becomes comfortable with my service, he may after witnessing for himself accurate card receipts switch from using prepaid cards to using one of his other cards or he may just purchase a phone sex package.

Whatever you decide to do, be smart about it and stay safe. Until then my friends. Pssst. Did you notice how I never used the word “porn”?
My phone sex prices have never changed. It’s $12 for 15-minutes and each additional minute is 80¢. I don’t believe anyone will disagree with the idea that my rates are the cheapest around which is why my service is called Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, and by the way I am Cheryl. When you are ready for a session, call me at 1-888-669-6389.

Cross-Dressing Holiday

Cross-dressers listen up! Next Friday is your favorite holiday – Halloween. Every man who secretly covets his wife’s panties, wishes to wear pantyhose and high heels in public or wants to finally walk out the house in full makeup to go shopping at Victoria’s Secret knows that Halloween is THE holiday to do all of that without anyone taking notice. Well, without anyone giving you a hard time about it. OK, it’s a free pass, and I am not going to allow you to squander it.

So, take out your favorite pumps (I hope you have been practicing), pull out a tasteful outfit, put on your face and work it, girl! You may want to stop by a costume shop and get a fun wig or hair extensions to show that it is really only a Halloween costume though we both know the truth. If all of your secret outfits are too revealing or simply not appropriate to wear out of the house try going to a store that sells uniforms. You can go as a sexy waitress or a naughty housekeeper. The point is you want to wear a dress that won’t cost a fortune and you can add to your collection without anyone batting an eye. Another place to pick up a low cost dress is the thrift store. You can ‘time-travel’ and go as a housewife from the 70s, etc.

Cross-DressingWhatever dress you chose, don’t be afraid to wear the appropriate undergarments. Grab your wife or lover’s bra and fill it to the size you want. Put on some silky panties and if you don’t have any make a point of sliding into a pair of control-top pantyhose or stockings. Wear a slip, matter of fact when you dress for the event use the girly soap and bubble bath. Dress the way you want from head to toe and from skin to underwear to outfit.

Now where does one wear such an outfit? Some companies allow their employees to dress-up on Halloween, most bars understand customers in full costume will stop by for a drink, perhaps your friends are having a costume party and of course you can always host a get-together. If none of that interests you, look for local events within your community.

The most successful cross-dressers (hiding in plain sight on Halloween) tend to be those guys who take care that everything is in place – hair, makeup, nails, shoes. And, they have on something that is a little Halloween-y like a big red nose or funny red stringy wig or something like that. These guys also have one thing in common, a wicked smile, because they are getting away with something that only pervs like me understand – the freedom to be who you are.

Enjoy the holiday and be safe my friends.
I don’t know if it is fall break or homecoming or what, but I am receiving an incredible amount of calls from college guys. While I am flattered, I have a hard and fast rule of no one under 23. If you are over 18 and not quite 23 then check out my girls. To chat with me, Cheryl, you must be at least 23. The price is always 80¢ per minute or simply $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes. Regular clients may purchase a cheap phone sex package. My toll-free number is 1-888-669-6389.

Always Be Prepared!

When you receive the number of calls I do, you start to notice a pattern. Some callers are prepared and others are not. The guys who are not prepared take longer to process and have more un-sexy interruptions which to say the very least makes the phone sex session seem a bit disjointed. Here’s a tip – always be prepared! Now I am not talking about the condom in your wallet. You do carry condoms in your wallet, right? Right?! In phone sex ‘be prepared’ means something entirely different.

Before calling a phone sex service, make sure you have your credit card available. Having your credit card outside in your truck while you are naked on the phone with me does not mean your card is “available”. And, no, memorizing the number does not cut it either for two reasons: you never know what information a phone sex company needs off the card and come on let’s face it in your current state there is very little blood going to your brain thereby remembering anything is a little difficult.

Calling Two FistedIn addition to having your credit card available, make sure you are in a comfortable spot where you won’t be interrupted. Oh, it’s OK if someone drops by and you have to quickly put on some pants or the UPS or FedEx guy knocks on the door and you need to poke your head out with arms flailing. It happens. And, if there are other people in the house e.g., roommates or visitors, say it upfront that you cannot be too loud. Don’t worry most phone sex babes know what to do and frankly enjoy the challenge.

To summarize: have your credit card handy (think of it as two-fisted calling), try to carve out some time to minimize interruptions and explain your current predicament – not your state of arousal but whether you have the space to get loud and freaky.
If one more person asks me how much I charge…. My phone sex price is cheap and affordable. It’s 80¢ per minute with a 15-minute minimum. Or simply $12 for 15-minutes. That has been my price for years. It has never gone up and most likely never will. If you are a regular customer i.e., you have made a few calls with me earlier, you are welcome to purchase a phone sex package. My toll-free number is 1-888-669-6389.

Facebook Unpublished My Page, Hushes

It never fails. Whenever I put aside time to work on my social media profiles something happens. Earlier in the month I set aside time to work on my Facebook page and oddly enough on the day (September 22nd) I was going to go over all things Facebook my page was “unpublished” at approximately 3:04 AM. It is a cute way of saying my page has been suspended.

Well, we all know phone sex is not porn, so that isn’t the problem. And we also know I adopted a “no pink” policy years ago and incorporated that policy into all my profiles. So, nudity wasn’t an issue. What is equally frustrating is that the appeal process amounts to pushing a button and that’s about it. I found the whole thing upsetting and demoralizing. How so? You have no idea how difficult it is to run a business in this industry. Phone sex owners have the same issues as other business leaders with the added annoyance of discrimination. And, for that we pay more in fees from hosting to merchant accounts. We’re hassled for every little thing including where we bank, what lawyers and accountants will accept our business and social media is an absolute minefield because it is constantly changing. I wouldn’t mind the changes it they weren’t unpublished. Ha! Did you see that I made a funny.

As you know I get up up at o’dark thirty (that ‘o’ as in the letter not zero …damn movie). After I feed the animals, take a walk or swim and bathe, I grab some food and sit down in front of the computer to handle my business and personal correspondence before turning on the phones. One of the reasons I need that 2-3 hour cushion is because I am one of those people. How many times have you logged on to your social media account and met with a big warning statement indicating that there is an amendment or update to the terms? Well, I am that one person out of a googol (ha! another funny) who stops what I am doing and reads it. I know. It’s sick. One day I will seek help but right now I am a little busy reading these damn conditions. So, I spent the day (and later the week) going over every inch of print regarding business owners having their pages suspended and the depths they took to get their pages reinstated. My conclusion? Fuck that!

I appealed the decision and less than 24 hours later my page was deleted! So, once my page is “unpublished” it remains unavailable to the public forever unless I appeal it. When I appeal it (which involves pushing a button and nothing more) the page is permanently deleted. Nice. So, fuck Facebook.
Remember it is called Cheap Phone Sex for a reason – the price – which is always 80¢ per minute. There are no hidden fees or connection charges. You must be at least 23+ and I only accept credit cards so have it ready when you call, 1-888-669-6389. Keep the number and don’t forget the site,