A couple of times a year I host a phone-sex-a-thon which is a 24-hour, multi-day phone sex marathon. This gives new callers an opportunity to pop their phone sex cherry and regular clients a chance to call me anytime. Let’s go over the rules:

1. No questions. Things move quickly during the phone-sex-a-thon. If you have a question ask here OR message me @Hushes. The only thing you need to know is the price and how it will be billed to your credit card and I only take credit cards.

2. Have your credit card in your hand when you call. Like I said, things move quickly. I won’t have time to wait for you to grab it from downstairs or fish it out of your pocket.

3. I am NEVER submissive. If you are looking for something like that then call one of my girls.

4. Have fun! Once the business end is complete, sit back, relax and have sexy fun.

Note: If you break up my flow by asking questions, looking for your card etc. I will refer you back to and hang up. Never fuck around with my flow :-)

Phone Sex Tip That Will Improve Your FICO Score

Virgin callers to phone sex often hesitate when calling because they fear being scammed or are unsure about the safety of their information. Let me assure you that here at you will be honestly billed and your information is never shared.

When I started Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, the first thing I did was hire an attorney. She was very curious about the nature of the calls and the phone sex biz in general. The first question I asked my lawyer was, “Suppose the DOJ is knocking on my door demanding to see my client records. What recourse do I have?” The answer? Well, you pay her $500 an hour and find out! Let’s just say that I don’t keep records. Having the memory of an elephant helps but the main reason I don’t keep records on my clients’ calls or maintain their credit card information is that I do not want that information falling in the wrong hands. What if (knock on wood) I get hit by a bus or someone robs my home office? No, my clients’ information is far too important and frankly I couldn’t live with myself if that information was compromised because of me. So, I do not keep records. Your information is safe and I pride myself on accurate billing.

Back to the topic at hand – phone sex tip that will protect your information from nosy folks and improve your credit score.

QuickTipImage.jpgGet a PO Box or UPS Mailbox and have all of your mail (credit card bills) sent to the box. Junk mail is never sent to PO boxes. So, you will never get another piece of junk mail. Plus if you are just out of school or haven’t really settled in an area (purchased a home etc.) a box provides stability. With it you won’t have to change your address every time you move which means your address remains the same – a positive factor in your credit score. In addition to avoiding junk mail and getting a little boost in your FICO score you have peace of mind because you no longer have to provide your physical address to companies who need your billing address in order to process your credit card e.g., mail/phone order companies which ALL phone sex companies are. Not to mention having a mailbox stumps anyone wanting to do a background check on you. Those DIY companies tend to pull your phone and address information from the credit report.

To be truly anonymous on the internet and in your dealings with retailers, you need a box. Not that kind (pervs) but the US Mail kind.
Whenever you are looking for quality, affordable phone sex, consider me, Cheryl. The price is always 80¢ per minute. Call my toll-free number, 1-888-669-6389. There is also an option to purchase multiple calls at one time. Check out my cheap phone sex package.

I Am Tired of Phone Sex Jokes

I do a fair amount of research regarding my phone sex business. Inevitably I run across comments poking fun of a multi-billion dollar industry. Yeah, that’s ‘b’ as in billion.

Here’s a dirty little secret: everyone calls phone sex lines. Men, women, transgendered individuals call for phone sex. The amount of hotness or lack there of, marital status, socioeconomic level, education …none of it matters. If you have a dick you are bound to call. If you have a strange little itch that has yet to be satisfied, going through a life change that affects your sexuality, have questions that you are too embarrassed to ask family and friends, sooner or later you find yourself calling a phone sex line. And why is that?

Dont-Have-Phone-SexPhone sex fulfills a basic human need that no amount of technology will negate and that is to understand and be understood. It is a connection that is as deep or superficial as you want it with no strings attached. So, when I hear for the upteenth time that one shouldn’t have phone sex because it will give you hearing aids, I want to scream. Or listen to backhanded comments indicating that a woman has a “phone sex voice” as if the woman in question has a bright future in porn. Um, phone sex is not porn.

Phone sex is an art. Few women can carry a conversation with everybody – men, women and shemales. The famous, regular joes, those who barely graduated from high school, academic savants, narcissists, the painfully shy …the list of endless. Fewer still can carry a naughty conversation with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It’s a skill that takes a lot more than a beautiful voice. To be successful in this business you need a lot of tact and grace.

I have found that those who poke fun at the beauty and art of phone sex have never tried it or have had a bad experience. To them I say, call me.
I named this phone sex blog, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, because I am Cheryl and my phone sex prices are ridiculously affordable. The price is always 80¢ per minute. Call 1-888-669-6389. I advise married phone sex callers in particular to purchase one of my package deals. Looking to ‘try domination’ or need to be properly re-trained? There’s a 10-min training session with your name on it.

Guess Who’s Back – My Phone Sex Girls (and Shemales)

Years ago when I first started this phone sex blog I listed in addition to my own number, 1-888-669-6389, the number of the ladies who worked for me. I removed those numbers and maintained a separate site for them because many clients were a little confused. They would either call my girls looking for me or never fully grasped why the pricing was different.

You see the price to chat with me has always been 80¢ per minute and the phone sex package deal is only with me. Hopefully everyone understands that. When you talk with my girls (and shemales) the price is a little bit more because …well I have to pay them! I also have to pay the dispatchers or matchmakers who process your credit cards and forward you on to the hottie of your choice.

I mention all of this because last month I folded up that site and added the other phone sex numbers back here at aka Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl.

First Time Callers Make Time to Process Your Credit Card

Yes, angry masturbators can be a handful, however, there is another group that is equally frustrating and that’s the first time caller who wants to do the call now. Right now! He doesn’t have time to give his credit card information. He didn’t plan for that. He’ll pay you after. Whoa! Stop right there buddy. Not going to happen. Phone sex is a ‘pay me upfront or get the fuck out of here’ business.

Look I get it. You are horny so you decide to call my phone sex service. You hear my voice and begin to lose control of that edging you were doing moments earlier. Add the fact that you are looking for your credit card (I warned you to be prepared!) and listening for your wife’s car, yeah it can be pretty exciting …did I mention my voice when I say your name? It takes 90 seconds to process your credit card. Plan for it.

Credit Card Data
I have two things to say about the information recorded when taking your credit card data. First, this is a reputable business and as such follows the guidelines set down by Visa and Mastercard and the United States government when taking sales information for an adult entertainment purchase. In other words anonymity is not an option. Your gift card hides your perverted activities from your lover not me. Remember who is providing the service. I already know you are a pervert! So, in addition to your credit card number, expiration date and 3 digits on the back, I will need your name and billing address. Do NOT tell me that some shady phone sex company only takes your card information. Do me a favor. Go down to your accounting department and ask them when is it OK for a credit card purchaser to just give their card information and nothing else. Ask them when was the last time a dude came into the store, handed the cashier his card with the name scraped off and your firm processed the card. I would love to hear that story which by the way never happened in any store – ever.

HavingTime00Just because we talk about pussy doesn’t mean that this phone sex service is any less of a business than McDonald’s or Zappos or Amazon. The very idea that first time callers want to demand I change my policies is laughable.

Take for example last December, one of my girls was sick and I was dispatching calls in the wee hours of the morning when a guy calls wanting to use a gift card to purchase a phone sex session. He doesn’t want to give his name or address. At which point I usually thank the guy for calling and advise him to call a different phone sex service. Well on that day I was not in the mood. So, I asked him, why not? He said he wanted to remain anonymous. I explained to him that he called a toll-free number and what that means. It means even if he blocked his number I would see it because I pay the telephone bill. To demonstrate I plugged his number into the database and proceeded to told him what it spit out namely his name, address, the name of his wife, mother, father, one of his siblings and where he worked. Welcome to the 21st century! He purchased a 30-minute call. Here’s another example:

Last night a guy called. He wanted to use his debit card to purchase a phone sex call only he didn’t want to share his name or billing address either. He told me that the ‘other’ phone sex companies do it this way and so should I. Personally I love it when occasional callers tell me about the inner workings of the business I have perfected over the last decade. Then this would-be caller began to scold me. He said if I wanted his business I would have to do things his way. Apparently he had not read the part where it clearly says I am no one’s bitch. So, I gave him a lesson on why shady companies do that and as a consumer he should be concerned about any company that only wants his credit card digits and no address verification. It’s bad business. Not processing the address costs a company anywhere from 7-50¢ per transaction depending on the contract. That’s a lot of money left on the table. But hey if you want to give your credit card information to a fly-by-night sole proprietorship with questionable billing practices good luck with that. Then I told him to fuck off …and never call any of my phone sex services again. That’s when he begged me to give him second chance which I gave him.

To summarize: First time callers plan for the time it takes to process your credit card information and remember that your phone sex habits may be a secret to your bitch never this bitch. I have the The Man i.e., Visa, Mastercard and the Feds on my ass. Therefore, I dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t.’ In other words I use best practices when processing credit cards in 90 seconds or less. Follow my payment policy or move the fuck on. That’s the only choice you have on this topic – the ONLY choice.
Some guys are a little confused. This is Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl. Not Cheryl and friends. My toll-free number is for guys who want to talk to me. If you want to chat with someone other than yours truly, then take your ass here. If you want to chat with me, call 1-888-669-6389. The price to talk to me is 80¢ per minute. Regular callers may also purchase a package.