The Phone Sex Operator Is ALWAYS in Control

Yesterday for the very first time (as promised) I referred a potential new caller to for questions. When I said do not call to ask questions, I was not joking. If you have a question, ask it here. More often than not I have already answered it. Therefore a quick search of my phone sex blog should reveal answers to your questions. Now let’s get to today’s topic …

The phone sex operator is always in control of the call. Think of her as a guide. After a quick ‘get to know you phase’ she knows your likes, kinks and deal-breakers. Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Your sexy guide sets up the call, moves it along and makes certain that it ends within the time allotted on a high note. It seems effortless but believe me when I say it’s a skill and on a subconscious level you guys recognize it as such too. The more you interact with the same phone sex operator the better the calls become. Why is that? Well, like any good lover she knows what you like and understands your boundaries. With this information the phone sex sessions become more creative, definitely kinkier and highly personal.

Phone sex is an interactive experience where one size does not fit all nor should it. Typically guys jack off to the same images and videos not because they are experiencing a unique moment – much like Pavlov’s dogs it’s a response. Show a guy a pretty picture of tits and ass and he will have the EXACT SAME response as a guy viewing the same picture/video. Sad but true. Phone sex is a step beyond that where the thing that stimulates you is your own filthy thoughts. How’s that for a truly unique experience?

If you could do it yourself, you would, but let’s face it, when it comes to your private parts two is always better than one. Answer me this: when you need an expert do you do it yourself or do you contact an expert? In other words how many of you have built your house with your own two hands, did the plumbing and electrical wiring again with your own two little hands …baked your wedding cake? I imagine few if any can make those claims. The one thing I have learned in this business is most people are amateurs at sex. So, when it comes to masturbation (in the form of phone sex), one should always hire an expert aka a phone sex guide and as a special bonus you can finally ‘do it’ with your own two little hands.

Years ago when television was still in its infancy the corporate types did a number of studies. They asked people which they liked better television or radio. One kid said radio and when pressed why he responded “better pictures”. Think about that for a moment. The pictures in his mind were more vibrant and real than the images he saw on television. Now I am a little biased. I believe that the ‘porn’ you make at home is much better than the stuff you see on the internet; I believe that the lover you have by your side is far sexier than any model or Hollywood celebrity you admire from a distance; and I believe that every one of my callers are hotter and kinkier than any porn star or adult film actor. The challenge is getting you to see it. Something that is easily accomplished through a capable phone sex guide who:

TGIF1. Has firsthand knowledge of various sexual situations and is well-versed in the kinky stuff that may still on her bucket list;

2. Is non-judgmental which is crucial to the creative process;

3. Is an excellent communicator and storyteller who can bring an idea to life; and,

4. Lastly, the most important trait of a good phone sex operator/guide is she enjoys her time with you.

Remember phone sex is about mutual masturbation. Whether you realize it or not the guide gets just as much pleasure from the call as you do! Didn’t I tell you that phone sex is an art?

The operator acts as a sex guide throughout the phone sex session. She is always in control and by the end of the call most clients (both men and women) walk away with the understanding that s/he experienced something quite unique and personal – a feeling one should always have whenever dealing with ‘private parts’ ;-)
To chat with me, Cheryl, all you have to do is call my toll-free phone sex number, 1-888-669-6389. The price for a phone sex chat with me is $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes and each additional minute is a mere 80¢. Regular callers may pick up a package of phone sex calls for (in you can believe it) a discount. Oh, although I stated it at the beginning of this post, it’s worth another mention: do not call to ask questions. Ask your questions here.

Know Your Limits

When I say “know your limits”, that is not a challenge. You are not going to cum twice. Nope. Do not say it. Sure you are going to cum, get excited again and feel the need to call me back for another phone sex call. That happens all the time! And while I am on the subject ‘in real life’ NEVER say, “Baby, I am going to make love to you all night.” Yeah, that never happens. Think about it. If there was a contest to see which can last longer a cock or a pussy, the pussy will always, always win. But I digress …

Whenever you call a phone sex service, it is important to know what you like. Don’t say pussy. Think for a moment and mentally catalog ALL of the sexy stuff you like. For example:

What do you like to do prior to lovemaking? during? after? I knew a woman who loved taking a shower right before having sex. I mean seconds before having sex. Her husband thought she liked to be extra clean or something. Turned out she has this showerhead that did amazing sex acts on its own. Once properly stimulated she was ready to go. Over time her husband took over the role of the showerhead and now their lovemaking isn’t limited to the house.

How about during? The biggest difference I have noticed between men and women is women tell you EXACTLY what they like and most will tell you how to do it too. Guys rarely share what they like which does not make any sense. If your lover is doing something that is amazing tell her! She will remember and surprise you with it later.

And after? Oh, if a guy made me a sandwich after sex, he’s a keeper. Oddly no guy has ever done that. Maybe that’s why I am still single ;-)

Communication is key to a great sex life. Therefore, think about what you like and be able to articulate your turn-ons.

Now this is where phone sex is better …hmmm safer than sex. You see in sex you have to always be aware of your partner and think about her needs – what she is going to think once the fucking in done. For example, when you accidentally call her by her sister’s name, you can bet your sweet ass there will be a long conversation about that afterwards. In phone sex you can say her sister’s name, her mother’s and her brother’s. No judgment here.

Let’s go back to that mental catalog and skip over to the classified section. What really turns you on? You know that stuff you don’t tell your lover. Like the time she caressed your ass and you secretly wished she would stick a finger in there. Don’t pretend that you have never thought about it. Every guy thinks about it! Is it a special touch, a dirty word, taboo nasty stuff or something so ‘out there’ you have trained yourself to keep it in your head for fear of embarrassment? You know humiliation can be arousing too.

The one thing I enjoy about guys with a particular kink or fetish is that they know what they like and go for it. Oh some of those kinks are outrageous, some dangerous and some simply don’t fit into their everyday lifestyle (suburban dad, business executive, scoutmaster) BUT when they treat themselves to a couple of minutes of fun, it is quite an adventure.

Once you understand and are able to articulate your turn-ons (what you like) and kinks (what you would never tell a new lover) then it’s time to embrace your limitations without anyone losing any wood. I make it simple by stating my no-no list rather succinctly: no blood, no goats and no kids. If you don’t dwell on it too long, no wood is ever lost. What is on your no-no list? Having one will make the call go smoothly. For example:

No dicks, no tricks, no bald pussy. That’s pretty self-explanatory. You aren’t into anything penetrating your ass including shemales and you like your women to have a little something down there so that you don’t feel like a complete perv.

No MILFs, no jailbait, no fatties. I love saying “fattie”. I usually direct my words to people who aren’t ‘fat’. Some of my best phone sex girls are BBWs but hey if you don’t like thick women that’s fine. Most of my younger callers prefer to speak to women their own age. That’s cool too. Never be afraid to ask for what you want especially on a phone sex call. Jailbait? Well, all the ladies and callers are of legal age. Here no jailbait means that you aren’t interested in any conversation about underage stuff.

A big no for most guys is “no pros” and by ‘pro’ I mean a professional escort. Some escorts do phone sex. Those girls are highly sought after if only for their real world firsthand stories. They are the ‘good escorts’. Bad escorts use the old switch and bait routine by setting up profiles on chatlines to look for new clients. Not cool for a caller who is only looking good phone sex.

Know what you like and that includes the kinky stuff known only by you and the little voice in your head. Focus on your likes but also know where you draw the line so no wood is ever lost ;-)
It’s called Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl because I am Cheryl and phone sex prices are inexpensive, affordable and ridiculously cheap. To chat with me call 1-888-669-6389. Do not call to ask questions. The price is $12 for 15-minutes and each additional minute is 80¢. You must be at least 23 years old to use this service. Phone sex lovers may purchase a package of calls OR if a hot, busty Southern girl is not your thing, contact one of my girls.

A Vibrator for Cats? aka We Do NOT Masturbate My Cat

So, I am reading BaDoink Magazine and there is an article about a new vibrator that will be available later in the year. As you all know I am not a big fan of sex toys (so many dicks and all that) how then could a sex toy article possibly catch my eye? It’s for cats! Oh man! I devoured the article, clicked on all the links and went through the company’s website and then remembered that it was April 1st, April Fool’s Day. No matter this is the perfect time to tell you my cat masturbation story … bestiality guys over there.

Few American adults (who don’t live on a farm) have a fully intact cat or dog and by that I mean your furry friend has not been ‘fixed’. Did you know male cats have balls as big as humans? Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a cat with balls as big as yours. Yeah, like I said few Americans nowadays have been around fully intact cats and dogs.

Several years back I took my fully intact cat to see the veterinarian. It must have been an emergency because the cat was in heat and I wouldn’t have taken her to see the vet in that state. Plus the regular vet was on vacation so another vet saw my cat. I warned her that the cat was in heat. After the exam was over, she takes out a q-tip and begins to demonstrate how to masturbate my cat! Hilarity ensues.

I knock the q-tip out of her hand and grab the cat while stating in short breaths, “”. As I am paying for the visit, the vet runs out of the exam room saying, “Ms. Cheryl, you don’t have to use a q-tip. You can use your finger.” The look on my face must have been priceless because the receptionist and one of the techs busted out laughing.

Later my regular vet called me to smooth things over. I told him at that moment I needed a LOT of distance between his junior partner and my cat.

3 things: (1) PussyMeHow was an April Fool’s Day joke, (2) before anyone gets on their soapbox and begins to preach to me that I should fix my cat, she’s 18 and has yet to have a litter. Save your preaching for cat hoarders; and, (3) no animals were harmed or masturbated – ever.

Have Your Sex Toy Items Lubed and Ready

Continuing with the series, How to Have Phone Sex with a Professional Phone Sex Operator, remember to have everything set-up prior to the call. That means you are either naked or in stripper mode. Yeah, I like that visual, but I digress. Obviously it is a matter of taste for those who are into feminization or cross-dressing. Personally, I like to dress my bitches.

Generally whatever your kink you should have the lube ready and any sex toys within reach. Nothing kills a buzz quicker than someone who has to put the phone down to “find” the lube or worse attempts to multi-task while chatting with me and looking for his/her favorite buttplug. Another item that most folks forget to bring to the party are condoms. Yes, condoms! Depending on the call and the sex toy, condoms are a blessing especially when it comes to cleaning up.

Hot Phone Sex TipLadies, I have learned something quite disturbing. It seems when men are randy and need something to tickle their private parts they will use your sex toys. To remedy this I offer two suggestions: (1) lock up your sex toys and (2) buy a toy or two for your lover on condition that he doesn’t mess around with any of your sex toys.

Guys, never use your wife’s dildo or vibrator. For goodness sakes don’t stick it up your ass! I could say more on this topic but will differ to an expert. @dangerouslilly provides an excellent overview of how to clean your sex toys, which ones are safe to share and how to store them. Ladies, I am telling you, put a padlock on your shit.

Final note: with all this talk about lube and sex toys, it’s OK if you don’t have any of these things (most don’t). This is simply a reminder to those pervs who do ;-)
You know the drill, it’s ONLY $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes. If you need more time, each additional minute is 80¢. To say the very least my prices are inexpensive and very affordable. Now you understand the name of the site, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl (I’m Cheryl). I also offer a cheap phone sex package deal. When you are ready, call my toll-free number, 1-888-669-6389, but whatever you do, do not call to ask me questions. Fuck that!

Do NOT Call To Ask Questions

Never call my toll-free number to ask questions. Any question you may have regarding my phone sex service has been asked and answered multiple times. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ or via the search option, then ask it here or at any of my social media profiles. Though my Twitter handle @Hushes is your best bet if you would like a quick response. Here is a rundown of questions I receive EVERY DAMN DAY. Every day multiple times a day, I am asked the following:

1. How much is the call Cheryl? It’s 80¢ per minute. There is a $12 minimum.

2. How many minutes is that Cheryl? $12 buys you 15-minutes.

3. Are the phone sex prices current? Yes.

4. Are there any connection charges or hidden fees, Cheryl? No.

5. Will you send mail to my house, Cheryl? No.

6. What does it show up as on my credit card? [Pause] The charge is discreetly billed. It may be one of 4 names. All fairly innocuous and will be revealed when you purchase a call. It would be ridiculous to place those names on this website. Then any spouse, live-in lover or thorough assistant can search it and know exactly what you have been doing. Thank me later. [End Pause]

7. Do I have a choice of phone sex girls? Yes, over there.

8. Do you do this [description of particular fetish] type of call, Cheryl? Two things, I am NEVER submissive and I never discuss blood, goats or kids. If you need to ask a follow-up question on this point, talk to my girls otherwise we’re good.

9. Are you available now? Will you be available later? What are your hours? If you are talking to me now, then obviously I am available. God willing, I will be available later, and my hours are extremely flexible. If you guys keep me busy, then I will “work” long into the night, but if you don’t keep me busy, then I will wander off and find something else to amuse myself. In other words, if you call and I am unavailable it is your fault. You failed to call sooner than the guy I am currently enjoying or I was so bored I had to find new adventures.

monkeyLike I said, it’s every fucking day! A dear friend who is renown within the service industry advised me that this is typical of any service company. New customers will have questions and I will have to answer the same questions day in and day out. Frankly, I just can’t do it anymore. As far as I am concerned there are two things you need to know – the price and the boundaries. Though I get it. Not everyone takes in information the same way BUT I will be damned if anyone is going to clog up my phone sex line with questions I have answered on the website many, many, many times. So, no, you may NOT ask me questions on my toll-free number. I am putting my foot down, drawing a line in the sand …

My toll-free number is a happy place. Where I meet new clients who are anxious to do a call with me right this minute. My happy place is when regular callers contact me to reconnect. Questions that have already been asked and answered – no bueno. Not over the phone ever again. In other words only call my toll-free number when you are ready to do a call right now.

I know what you are thinking – but Cheryl, a reputable company has to have great customer service. We do …in addition paying customers can expect quality service, honest and accurate charges, discreet billing, complete privacy. Your secrets are safe here. My ‘no questions via telephone’ stand is to address the annoying phone sex flasher issues. Flashers take up too much time, resources and put both myself and my girls in a mood that does not pair well with a sexy call. Enough!