Why Chat Lines aka Date Lines Suck and Phone Sex Lines Are Awesome

Chat lines are not the same as phone sex lines. It is apples and oranges my friends. Apples and monkeys! Lately I have received a huge influx of new potential phone sex callers who when they get me live start giving me ‘the business’ because they have to tell someone how they were duped into purchasing a plan or subscription or whatever they believed to be phone sex only to learn after purchase that it isn’t live or explicit – in other words not phone sex – but some chat thing where the girls want to get married! As one guy said to me, “What the fuck am I going to do with TWO wives?”

A few years ago I did an audio about this very thing because I saw a lot of affiliate marketers started to crowd the phone sex field.… More Phone Sex Tips

Live Phone Sex with Cheryl

I have mentioned this on several occasions. Potential new clients are always amazed when they call my number. Instead of hearing a recording I answer – live! So, those who are used to hearing a commercial message of prices and strange background music – seriously what is it with the porno music – are taken aback when instead of a pre-packaged recording they hear me – did I mention live! Some guys hang up out of fear thinking they reached someone’s home. Well, you did. You reached my house. Don’t worry they eventually call back because dick hardness outweighs fear. Others start asking a ton of questions: how much is the call, how will it show up on my credit card, what other girls are available, do you have a twin and can she join in …Still other potential callers believe the call starts the minute they hear my voice …live.… More Phone Sex Tips

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Some of you may not know this and why would you? You do not run an adult entertainment company and therefore would not know how companies like Cheap Phone Sex are constantly scrutinized and discriminated against. Yes, I said discriminate.

You see when you run an adult business many back office vendors and suppliers may take advantage of you. Oh, not in a casting couch sort of way, though that does happen. These providers charge adult related companies more to do business in terms of credit card processing and other services that most other business types take for granted. Banks justify their actions by stating phone sex is a ‘high risk’ enterprise although the research proves otherwise.… More Phone Sex Tips

Porn Is Not Real

Vanity Fair’s Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse” was for me deeply disturbing. The focus was Millennials within the New York City area. I was amazed that so many of these young women admitted to making contact with a guy on Tinder and fucking him porn-style within moments of meeting. Nancy Jo Sales wrote:

“Like porn sex,” says Jessica, “those women—that’s not, like, enjoyable, like having their hair pulled or being choked or slammed. I mean, whatever you’re into, but men just think”—bro voice—“ ‘I’m gonna fuck her,’ and sometimes that’s not great.” “Yeah,” Danielle agrees. “Like last night I was having sex with this guy, and I’m a very submissive person—like, not aggressive at all—and this boy that came over last night, he was hurting me.”

Not the first time I have heard this.… More Phone Sex Tips

4 Valid Excuses Your Name Is in the Ashley Madison Data Dump

A Canadian dating site played a game of chicken with hackers and now there is roadkill all over the internet highway. Last month the hacker group, The Impact Team, announced that they had hacked the site, Ashley Madison. If you recall Ashley Madison is a hook-up site with a twist – the “members” are married. The Impact Team stated they would share ALL the personal information if the site did not shut down immediately. Two days ago TIT made good on their promise. The fallout has been delicious.

My girlfriends who are all tech savvy have had many hen parties with a singular goal – to find out if their husbands/lovers are on the list.… More Phone Sex Tips