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Anonymity and Gift Cards

In addition to a regular credit or debit Visa/Mastercard, I accept Discover and American Express. I also accept gift cards.

Now I have always touted the benefits of gift cards as a way to purchase adult entertainment services without the wife, girlfriend or ‘partner’ finding out about your dirty habit of getting a little virtual strange. Last night several potential new clients called my phone sex service, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, wanting to purchase a phone sex call but here’s the thing: they wanted to use a fake name or no name at all.

Read my lips. Anonymity is not an option at Cheap Phone Sex. Pardon my French. That sort of shit may work at another phone sex service but it will not work here.

Cheap Phone Sex is a reputable phone sex service. It is like any other business has licenses, copyrights, trademarks, lines of credit et al. As a matter of fact 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Cheap Phone Sex as an incorporated business entity.

In other words, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, is a legitimate business. Allow me to share with you what my company and other reputable phone sex companies are not:

Shady Business Practices. It is a shady business that processes credit card information even a gift card without getting the cardholder’s name. Shady businesses like that deal with underage operators and connect minors to sexually explicit entertainment that by law requires a minimum age of 18 in most jurisdictions and 21 or 23 in others. There are so many ways to rip off a person using a gift card. You can reverse the bank number and figure out your location, cross reference it with the telephone number you called from and before you know some bitch is blackmailing you with the recording she obtained on the call. Yeah shady businesses record conversations.

So, do me a favor. When you call a phone sex service – any phone sex company – make damn sure that they are legitimate. Believe me if the phone sex company is reputable unlike the DC Madam they are never going to record your conversations, overcharge your credit card, steal your identity or worse sell your information to a shady marketing firm that you can never shake.

Got it? Hope so because that’s my phone and it’s time to make somebody happy.


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