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What Does “Flat Rate” Mean?

You have probably seen and have most definitely heard the term flat rate phone sex. What exactly is “flat rate phone sex”? It is very simple. Most phone sex companies charge by the minute. With flat rate phone sex you pay for your call at a flat rate. Meaning that instead of paying 80 cents per minute you opt to purchase a set number of minutes for a certain price.

Most guys like purchasing their phone sex calls at a flat rate because they know EXACTLY how much will be charged to their credit card and they don’t ever feel that the woman on the other end is purposely and unnecessarily dragging out the call in order to rack up more minutes. Another plus is that purchasing a phone sex session at a flat rate ensures the client that HE won’t rack up too many minutes because as the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun. Flat rate pricing also helps the operator pace the call giving plenty of time for the main event – the happy ending. It’s a win/win for both the client and the phone sex operator.

At Cheap Phone Sex I always offer affordable flat rate pricing and when talking to any of my phone sex operators, the option is available. My goal is to make certain you are comfortable with the price and understand the intention of my phone sex operators which is to get you off.

Remember at Cheap Phone Sex the billing is always accurate, honest and confidential.

Flat Rate Phone Sex at Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl
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