Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl is the name of my phone sex service. I named my audio-text business Cheap Phone Sex due to my incredibly inexpensive phone sex rates: eighty cents per minute with a 15-minute minimum or simply $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes. Why so cheap? Well, I have found my customers appreciate great service at an affordable price, 80¢ per minute. My callers know when they call me or any one of my Hushes’ Girls: 1) billing is discreet and always accurate; 2) phone sex sessions are confidential; and 3) satisfaction is guaranteed. Call me at 1-888-669-6389 OR try one of my babes at 1-888-847-8979 OR call my 24/7 request line at 1-888-581-2223. Feel free to poke around my phone sex blog, Hushes, and check out my latest rants ...uh posts:

Not Safe for Work (NSFW)?

Phone sex is not porn. It is indecent speech, yes, but never porn. Yesterday, I found myself having to ask a question about this site on a webmaster forum which is often difficult. Why? Well, as I stated nearly a decade ago there are bigots (yes bigots) within the webmaster community. These bigots deem anything remotely sexy as “porn” and according to them “porn” is synonymous with spam. And as you, my dear, sweet admirers know all too well the only spam I do involves a cast iron skillet, butter, onions, garlic and white bread. Yum! My dad likes tomato and mayo. That’s good too …as a cold sandwich, but I digress.

The nice person who answered my question first flagged my link as not safe for work aka NSFW. WTF?! This sex blog follows a no pink policy. There is not a single nude image or sex video at Nada! So, it begs the question, is my phone sex site safe for work? Does talking about pussy make a site NSFW? Hang on.… TallyHo! Keep reading bitches.

Blizzard 2016

Whew! That was close!

While East Coast based news outlets are referring to the last few days as the Blizzard of 2016, I understand not everyone in America experienced Snowmageddon or the Jonas Winter Storm or whatever they called it. Before I get started allow me to thank all my phone sex admirers who called to check in on me. Each call was very sweet and much appreciated.

2016BlizzardI believe this snow storm beat all previous records in terms of snowfall. What I found interesting was the response by local, state and (as I live in the DC metropolitan area) federal government. First they shut down the metro. When you shut down the metro, the city is basically closed for business. No one who depends on public transportation can get to work or shop or visit family and friends on the other side of the beltway or the next stop over. The intention is clear – stay off the roads. With the roads clear the snow plows were able to keep pace with the 36 hours of constant snowfall and get the roads in a workable condition.… TallyHo! Keep reading bitches.

No Pink Policy aka No Nudity

While I am between calls, let me remind you that to chat with me, Cheryl, call 1-888-669-6389. As I stated earlier, you must be at least 23 to use Cheap Phone Sex. The price is $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes. Regular clients may also purchase one of my phone sex packages. Now let’s get today’s rant …

Hushes adheres to a ‘no pink’ policy meaning no nudity. Think nipples, genitalia and spread butt cheeks aka pink. After several years of following federal guidelines regarding perceived sexually explicit material, I removed suggestive images from my phone sex blog. Why? Well, the aforementioned guideline had in my opinion become a witch hunt of sorts and more draconian with each passing year. When I was advised that I had to maintain a file on my own photographs proving my age at the time a particular picture was taken …well let’s just say that was the last straw. I am in the phone sex business not pictures or videos or webcam. This is an audio-text service and my words particularly my voice and the voices of my girls ought to be enough.… TallyHo! Keep reading bitches.

Why Chat Lines aka Date Lines Suck and Phone Sex Lines Are Awesome

This phone sex blog is called Hushes and my phone sex service is named, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl because I am Cheryl and to chat with me the price is ONLY $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes. 100% live, 1-on-1 phone sex with me or one of my girls. Call me at 1-888-669-6389 for a session. Don’t forget to purchase a phone sex package especially if love to masturbate. Today’s word is monkey.

Chat lines are not the same as phone sex lines. It is apples and oranges my friends. Apples and monkeys! Lately I have received a huge influx of new potential phone sex callers who when they get me live start giving me ‘the business’ because they have to tell someone how they were duped into purchasing a plan or subscription or whatever they believed to be phone sex only to learn after purchase that it isn’t live or explicit – in other words not phone sex – but some chat thing where the girls want to get married! As one guy said to me, “What the fuck am I going to do with TWO wives?”

A few years ago I did an audio about this very thing because I saw a lot of affiliate marketers started to crowd the phone sex field.… TallyHo! Keep reading bitches.

I run my phone sex blog much like my service - clean, simple and without a lot of fuss. You may have noticed that I am not a big fan of archives mainly because the posts are my first thoughts about a particular topic. After seeking comment from other sex bloggers, phone sex industry experts and of course you, my Cheap Phone Sex admirers, depending on the topic a more detailed response with proper citations etcetera may be published at a later date. While you are free to thumb through the older posts, to learn more about me and my phone sex service I suggest: 1) doing a search; 2) browsing the sitemap below; 3) asking any outstanding questions here or via any of my social media profiles e.g., PhoneMistress is my ‘handle’ on Kik, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram; OR 4) checking out my Phone Sex FAQ. Good hunting!