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I provide live phone sex at a low flat rate where there are no hidden charges and your privacy is assured. To chat with me you must be 23 or older and familiar with my turn-offs. My confidential number is 1-888-669-6389.

The most frequently asked topics are below. Feel free to jump to the section(s) that address your questions.

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Inexpensive phone sex has an affordable price point, delivers accurate and honest billing, provides live 1-on-1 entertainment via phone and prior to purchasing advises you of what is permissible during your call session. I am, of course, describing my service Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl SM.

How much does phone sex cost?

Phone sex works on a pay per minute business model. The average per minute rate is $1.99 with a certain minimum. Most phone sex companies charge $19.99 for a 10-minute call.

At Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl SM, I charge a flat rate of 15-minutes for only $12.99 which is roughly 43% cheaper than most other services. If you need more time, you may purchase 20-minutes for $16.99 or half an hour for $25 and so on.

Before you ask, there are no other charges. No connection fees or anything like it which brings me to the next topic – billing.

Will I be billed accurately for my phone sex session?

Most adult entertainment companies bill discreetly. Meaning your credit card statement should reflect a fairly innocuous name next to the amount you are charged. This is textbook.

Yes. One of the reasons I charge a flat rate is so you know before beginning your phone sex session exactly how much is being applied to your debit, credit or gift card. Even if we go a little over time the charge remains the same thus ensuring accurate billing.

Does this service offer live phone sex?

All phone sex is live. If you run across a site that wants you to set up a mailbox or a recording etc. then it may be something other than phone sex like a chatline or a dateline.

There are no recordings at Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl SM. I provide live 1-on-1 phone sex Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until my last call at 8:30 PM. 5:30 PM on Saturdays. When I am not available my line rings into one of two Hushes’ call centers. So there are dozens of phone sex operators available 24/7/365.

What can I talk about during my phone sex call?

The great thing about phone sex is you may discuss anything you like. The only restriction would involve the boundaries of the operator. My turn-offs are pretty simple. However, my girls operate on a no taboo platform which in a nutshell translates to anything goes – no is not an option.

Written by Cheryl Black
Last revised: November 1, 2019