Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl

Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl (note the ‘with Cheryl’ part) is the name of my phone sex service …when you chat with me. It is a branch of Hushes. Now I offer arguably the cheapest phone sex prices on the planet. That’s not an exaggeration. I challenge anyone to find something cheaper. No, not a “special” or an “as low as” con. Go ahead! Try to find a professional phone sex operator (PSO) who is a native English speaker, lives in the United States of America and offers live, uncensored guided masturbation sessions via phone sex. Did I mention smoking hot? Convinced? Call 1-888-669-6389 and chat with me now. It’s a bargain at only $12 for 15-minutes.

When looking at another PSO (as if), ask yourself:

  • Is she part of a large faceless corporate ‘phone ho’ organization? Or is she, like Cheryl, an independent operator who provides unscripted, unique adult conversation?
  • Does she offer cheap flat rate pricing so you know what you are being charged up-front?
  • Is her per minute phone sex rate under a dollar?
  • Does she charge a connection fee?
  • Is she known for honest, accurate, discreet billing?

No? I’m shocked! Not really.

Look when I started Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl, I wanted to do two things: 1) provide a quality phone sex service at a cheap, inexpensive, affordable price and 2) have fun while playing with my clients – you! Cheap Phone Sex is highly personal, extremely discreet and damn good. To begin a session, call 1-888-669-6389. The price is ONLY $12 BUCKS for 15-minutes or 80¢ per minute. It’s first come, first served. However, VIPs and clients who have purchased a phone sex package may also “book” time with me.

To summarize: at Cheap Phone Sex …with Cheryl, I guarantee the following:

  • The price of a call is $12 for 15-minutes which works out to eighty cents per minute.
  • There are no connection fees and no hidden charges.

To chat, you must be at least 23 years old, and have your credit card handy. Debit and gift cards with the Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express logo are accepted.

If you have any questions, do not call (never call), ask.

Last revised: August 1, 2019