About Hushes

Welcome to Hushes.com -- a sex blog that helps phone sex clients have a great session every time. To learn how to become a successful phone sex operator (PSO), please visit Amberly Rothfield.

My name is Cheryl Black and I am an adult entertainer specializing in ‘audio text’ also known as phone sex through my service, Cheap Phone Sex with Cheryl.

I am also a blogger, vlogger and podcaster.

From College Work-Study to Career

As a junior at an elite university, I juggled the demands of two wildly divergent degrees -- biochemistry and medieval history -- making my college work-study job at one of the university libraries untenable. I needed a part-time gig whereby I could work from my apartment.

There were several questionable work at home opportunities, but the only legit job offer was as a moderator at a sex line which paid generously every week. An added benefit was I could set my own hours around an increasingly unpredictable college schedule.

A few months later I transitioned from moderator to phone sex operator. Working for several big companies within the audio text industry, I like most PSOs learned the ropes along the way.

While pursuing my law degree (and later MBA) I worked as an independent phone sex operator and started Hushes, the first sex blog dedicated to phone sex. The site has become a how-to guide and advice tutorial for regular clients and potential new callers.

My philosophy is simple -- an informed customer is a satisfied client.

Why Hushes?

This site is dedicated to teaching phone sex admirers best practices when

  • Choosing a phone buddy
  • Paying for a call session
  • Maintaining anonymity
  • Exploring fantasies within a non-judgmental environment.

I started Hushes in 1999 to create a resource site for phone sex aficionados. Since then over 500 articles have been added including interviews from the trades and mainstream media. In 2019 marking the 20-year anniversary, admirers were given another option beyond YouTube and Pornhub to listen to tips via podcast.

Podcast options → Google, Apple, Stitcher, Spotify or TuneIn.

For questions, contact me at r/Hushes or @Hushes.

Keep in mind Hushes is an American company. All employees and contractors are American citizens. Every vendor and supplier is based in the United States. As stated within the legal notice, your information is never tracked, collected or shared.

Are you looking for an address? There is not one. Why? This is an adult site. Sadly providing an address or any non-operational related contact information invites creepy behavior not limited to harassment, stalking and other threats of violence. Safety first y’all.

Written by Cheryl Black
Last revised: February 20, 2020