Many have asked if I accept tips or whether you could add ‘a little something’ extra to your phone sex bill.  My answer is always the same – no. Frankly, I do not like mixing my business transactions with gifts or as we say in the domination biz – tributes.  If you are a regular caller to Cheap Phone Sex with me, Cheryl, the gesture is enough and I thank you. Matter of fact I tend to thank my callers and especially package holders with plenty of extra time, free minutes and availability offline for follow-up questions etc.

The above is true for my ‘vanilla’ callers. As it concerns my male submissives (subs), well that’s a different story.  A good bitch …uh admirer reads my phone sex blog, follows me on social media, monitors my wish list and follows my instructions. S/he jumps at the opportunity to demonstrate his or her admiration through homework assignments.  The ‘homework’ is mainly for callers to my FemDom line.  It’s fairly simple, rather easy and beneficial for all parties.

Last revised: October 1, 2015